Rock Falls Rod & Gun Club


  1. Preservation of fish, game, and wild started

    The Rock Falls Rod & Gun Club was formed in 1927: ‘On motion of W.H. AuBuchen, E.A. Krembs was elected temporary chairman. On motion of Chas. Fowler, W.H. AuBuchen was elected temporary secretary. Mr. Krembs then accepted the chair and gave a short interesting talk on the value of preserving game, fish, and wildlife in general.Mr. Krembs called attention to the fact that one day timber will be devestated and there will be no hunting or fishing left for future generations.

  2. The First Annual Meeting

    At the first annual meeting on August 25, 1928, a building committee was established to ‘have plans and specifications for a building 30 by 50 feet and to be authorized to proceed with construction.’ Donations were received from many prominent Merrill business men at the time. Some included; Clifford Livingston, Fred Heineman, Emil O. Krueger, Geo L. Gilkey, Peterman Bros CO., E.O. Ravn, F.J. Golden and several others.

  3. The Windstorm

    On February 26, 1929, disaster the hard working, dedicated club. A windstorm destroyed the building, but the group was not daunted. On May 10, a directors meeting was held and they begin plans for a new building. The second annual meeting was held on August 21, 1929. At this meeting it was decided to take out a dance hall permit to give public dances and charge admission. A motion was also seconded that the club offer a reward for the arrest and conviction of game violators and for persons convicted of robbing or burglarizing summer cottages within the limits of the Town of Rock Falls, Lincoln Co., reward to be $25.

  4. Let there be water!

    Although the club went through many renovations and changes over its 90-year tenure, the most recent including the installation of running water and bathrooms in 2007, along with a new roof and complete interior renovation and the addition a new exterior deck.

  5. 90th Anniversary

    On Saturday, August 19, 2017, the Rock Falls Rod & Gun Club celebrated their 90th anniversary of the preservation of the rich history the club shares. The celebration not only honored the nine decades of the club’s existence, despite many challenges, but those who have supported the club during its tenure, and the 90-member membership to date.

Rock Falls Rod & Gun Club

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