October 2021 Newsletter


The Steak Night held on October 9th was a great time.  We did serve 36 people, however, we were hoping to serve 50.  We need a bit more participation from our members and thank you to all that enjoyed the delicious food.  Thank you Dan Oberman for cooking and Ken Mootz and Doug Williams for helping. Cary Wisnosky for serving, Richard Johnson for food delivery, Arlys Johnson for taking the orders. A special thanks to Brad and Lisa Sturm for their donations and also running the raffles.  Also, to the others that provided us with great side dishes and deserts!  Also, we had great live music, to bad for all that missed this great event!  One last thing about this is event that I want to talk about.  Thanks to everyone who donated extra money, this is because the cost of the steaks ran way over budget.  Next year we will have pricing before we set the cost.

Our next event will be the Steak Spaghetti Night, November 23rd during hunters week. Hopefully, we will have a nice turnout for this event.   Also, its not to early to talk about our grand finale, the Hunters Ball.  This year is going to be bigger and better than past Balls.  Get your tickets early and often, the more you have the better your chances for some great door prizes!  Tickets are selling at the Club now and right up until the Ball itself!  Again, we will have great live music and everyone is welcome to without a doubt the best event of the year!

As promised in the last Newsletter, the fishing tournament!  A special thanks to Mike Specht for running the tournament. The winner was Steve Radtke for both the Bass and Walleye .  This is the first time in three years that a  legal walleye was caught!  So fishermen, get out there and catch some walleye!  Also, of note there was a total of 17 pounds of Bass caught.  So  congratulations Steve, and thanks to all that participated!

Speaking of fishing:

Two Floridians anglers were out ice fishing during a trip up north.  They’d been at it for hours and hadn’t caught a thing. “I don’t know that we’re doing wrong,” said the first man.  Just then, a local passed on a snowmobile with a whole bucket of fish on the back.  The second man turns to the first and says,  “That’s why we’re not catching anything, we’re not trolling!”


Also be sure to look at the Event calendar!!